Financial education and guidance in the workplace

WEALTH at work is a specialist provider of financial education and guidance in the workplace supported by regulated financial advice for individuals.

We help employees understand how to maximise their workplace savings and benefits in the context of their overall financial position, by delivering financial education and guidance which is tailored to their needs. This involves segmenting the workforce into different cohorts to enhance employee engagement.

Our regulated financial advice service helps individuals to understand their personal financial situation, whether they’re saving for their future or selecting their retirement income options.

As there is a growing need to provide support for pension scheme members at-retirement, our services are also available for Trustees to help their members fully understand their retirement income options and how to mitigate associated risks.

This complete service offering helps employers and Trustees support employees and pension scheme members to make informed decisions to improve their financial wellbeing throughout their career and to maximise income at-retirement through our retirement income options service.

Our approach to education revolves around a proactive and interactive delivery.


A one to one conversation which helps employees clarify elements of their financial situation.


Helping individuals to
understand their personal
financial situation.


Helping employees understand and make the most of their retirement income options.


WEALTH at work can support the following:

WEALTH at work

Employee Engagement

We can provide you with the digital nudges you need to create employee engagement.

WEALTH at work

Pension Freedoms

The pension freedoms mean a whole new world of choice for your employees on how to draw income at retirement.

WEALTH at work

Financial Wellbeing

We can help you provide your employees with the knowledge to make informed decisions.


How Experian supports its scheme members at-retirement.

How Experian supports its scheme members at-retirement.

Experian identified the need for a retirement financial education service to support its employees.

30th September 2019

The top mistakes employees could be making when taking their pension.

The top mistakes employees could be making when taking their pension.

When it comes to accessing retirement savings, there are a lot of mistakes being made.

23rd September 2019

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