The flexibility to withdraw pension income as and when needed has seen an increasing number of employees and members transferring their defined benefit (DB) scheme into a defined contribution (DC) pensions.

Coupled with this, high transfer values have made it a seemingly more attractive proposition for employees and members to transfer out of their DB scheme.

Employees and pension scheme members must understand the advantages and disadvantages around DB pension transfers, as well as the associated risks such as falling for a scam, buying inappropriate retirement products, paying more tax than necessary and ultimately running out of money.

Without the right support, it is likely that many employees and members could make poor decisions. With dedicated pension transfer specialists to hand and a wealth of experience in the workplace, our services will help to mitigate the risks you and your employees and members face.

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Employees face ticking time bomb as they approach retirement.

Employees face ticking time bomb as they approach retirement.

16th January 2020

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