There is no doubt that the pension freedoms have increased the risks and complexity for all. Employees and pension scheme members now face a whole host of issues such as;

Falling for a scam

Buying inappropriate retirement products

Paying more tax than neccessary

Running out of money in retirement

Not understanding the risks around defined benefit pension transfers

Employers and trustees who fail to demonstrate or evidence how they have made employees and members aware of the risks and also what their options are at-retirement may not be fulfilling their duties to improve member outcomes.

We have a comprehensive service offering to help your employees ensure their needs are met – not just at the point of retirement but in the years leading up to retirement and beyond.

Our service is flexible in nature, which means you can decide what elements you want and decide how they are paid for, e.g. costs for different elements can rest with the employer, trustee, the employee or a combination of some or all. This means we can create a service which is right for you.

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