WEALTH at work is a leading financial wellbeing and retirement specialist – helping those in the workplace to improve their financial future.

Established in 2005, we work with hundreds of organisations across both the private and public sector by offering financial education, guidance and regulated financial advice.

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Our financial education and guidance services are delivered on a bespoke basis and can be specifically designed to help the entire workforce make informed decisions about their finances. 

For example; financial education services cover everything from debt and money management through to optimising employer sponsored benefits and retirement. This can be delivered face-to-face or online and utilises digital nudge technology to encourage employee engagement and participation. A telephone helpline is also provided following this.

Support is also provided through the creation of digital content such as webcasts, animations and interactive tools including the Financial Healthcheck.

All our interactions are measured and can be benchmarked against the industry standard to fully understand the impact. This is of particular importance when meeting financial wellbeing objectives.

Financial guidance services provide one-to-one support on a range of financial subjects which can be accessed face-to-face, via telephone or a virtual call.

As well as this, we provide regulated financial advice supporting those who need specific recommendations regarding their savings and investments, including those who need to make important decisions about their retirement income options. This service also supports those in retirement who may need to adapt their retirement planning in line with their changing needs.

In addition, we also have broad experience in a number of specific projects where we support employees in financial decision making, including; defined benefit pension closures; the introduction of pension changes such as the implementation of a new scheme, share scheme programmes and offering financial helplines to EAP providers. Our services also cover specialist topics including; lifetime allowance, annual allowance and help with redundancy plans.

This complete service offering helps employees and pension scheme members to make informed decisions to improve their financial wellbeing throughout their career and to maximise income at-retirement.

We can help you by creating a programme tailored to your needs.

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Latest News

Cryptocurrency: helping employees understand the risks.

Cryptocurrency: helping employees understand the risks.

17th May 2022

Cryptocurrencies are rapidly gaining popularity amongst investors due to being advertised as ‘get rich quick’ investments. They have particularly increased in attractiveness since the pandemic, with many people feeling obliged to take on greater risks to compensate for the economic uncertainty and concerns caused by the rising cost of living.

Survey results reveal the major concerns Trustees have for retiring members.

Survey results reveal the major concerns Trustees have for retiring members.

11th May 2022

WEALTH at work has conducted a survey with the Pensions Management Institute to investigate the concerns Trustees have for their members in the run up to their retirement and what support provisions they have in place.

Engaging members with their pensions.

Engaging members with their pensions.

5th May 2022

WEALTH at work research has found that nearly a third of working adults worry about being unable to afford to retire when they want, and 41% know they are not saving enough for a comfortable retirement.