It’s not uncommon for individuals to face financial worries at various stages of their life – whether that is dealing with debt, concerns over retirement savings or making the monthly budget work.

The link between debt, money worries and stress, lower productivity and absenteeism are increasingly recognised by employers and many are now looking for ways to support their employees.

The impact of financial worries on employees:

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Reward: Wellbeing in the Workplace 2018 Survey

We believe the best way to achieve this is to provide employees with the knowledge to make informed decisions throughout their career.

A relevant and well communicated financial wellbeing strategy can deliver on this.

We have a complete service offering to help which involves:

Developing programmes tailored to each company and employee cohort.

Offering a range of topics from general money management, managing debt and improving credit scores, through to saving for the short, medium and long-term, as well as how to optimise retirement income.

Providing multiple mechanisms from face-to-face or online seminars and webinars to animation, digital nudges and interactive games.

To view a case study on how the University of Lincoln has improved their employee’s financial wellbeing through financial education, please click play below.

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Cryptocurrency: helping employees understand the risks.

Cryptocurrency: helping employees understand the risks.

17th May 2022

Cryptocurrencies are rapidly gaining popularity amongst investors due to being advertised as ‘get rich quick’ investments. They have particularly increased in attractiveness since the pandemic, with many people feeling obliged to take on greater risks to compensate for the economic uncertainty and concerns caused by the rising cost of living.

Survey results reveal the major concerns Trustees have for retiring members.

Survey results reveal the major concerns Trustees have for retiring members.

11th May 2022

WEALTH at work has conducted a survey with the Pensions Management Institute to investigate the concerns Trustees have for their members in the run up to their retirement and what support provisions they have in place.

Engaging members with their pensions.

Engaging members with their pensions.

5th May 2022

WEALTH at work research has found that nearly a third of working adults worry about being unable to afford to retire when they want, and 41% know they are not saving enough for a comfortable retirement.

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