Financial Wellbeing

Many employees struggle to understand various financial issues that may relate to them and often fail to understand the many financial benefits on offer in the workplace. You can help to improve your employees’ financial wellbeing by providing them with the knowledge to make informed decisions.

The link between debt, money worries and stress, lower productivity and absence are increasingly recognised by employers. There is a commercial cost to people having financial worries which is why looking out for your employees financial wellbeing is also in your best interest.

We believe it is important to support and help your employees feel secure when it comes to their finances. You can do this by integrating a financial wellbeing strategy.

We have a complete service offering to help your employees get switched on to their financial wellbeing. This includes;

  • Developing programmes tailored to each company and employee segment, as each employees’ financial issues are different – some will be looking to buy their first home, whereas others are preparing for retirement.
  • Offering a range of topics from retirement and flex windows through to debt management and share scheme launches and maturity.
  • Providing multiple delivery mechanisms from seminars and webinars to animation and interactive games.

Our approach to financial education involves a proactive and interactive delivery, aiming to create a deep and lasting understanding.

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