Whilst a workplace pension provides a savings vehicle for retirement, many organisations want to put in place a tax efficient savings option for those looking to save in general and build financial resilience. This is where a Workplace ISA can help.

Savings options for the workplace

Our Workplace ISA has been specifically designed for employees. It provides employees with a flexible and tax efficient way to invest.

Investment Management expertise

The funds for this have been expertly chosen by our Investment Management team who research the whole-of-the market to analyse and carefully select only the funds that adhere to our strict investment principles and which are then monitored on an ongoing basis to ensure they continue to meet our criteria.

Employees can then choose from this selection which includes a variety of risk-rated funds including ethical and faith-based options. All our funds are rated on an environmental, social and governance (ESG) scale using a tool by MSCI. This tool rates companies according to their exposure to ESG risks and how well they manage those risks relative to peers, so that employees can select funds that not only fit with their investment goals but their values too.

Education expertise

Throughout the process of selecting the funds, our useful fund tool helps to provide employees with the information they need to understand the key principles of investing whilst also helping them with their selection – enabling them to create their own diversified investment portfolio.


Our platform accepts payroll deductions on a regular basis (from as little as £25 per month) or from a lump sum (min £300) such as bonuses by using our open banking facility. Contributions can also be made from maturing SAYE schemes to help protect from capital gains tax and ensure tax free growth.

With any savings option introduced in the workplace, it’s important for employees to understand them. Our financial education and guidance service can help with this.

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