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As the global spread of coronavirus continues to dominate news headlines, we would like to assure you that we will remain dedicated to managing our clients' portfolios and will, of course, still be providing our services. We will continue to provide the latest updates from the markets, our phone lines will remain open and our Client Services team will be available to answer your calls.

Rest assured we will remain vigilant and attentive at all times.

If you have any concerns or wish to discuss this situation further, please do not hesitate to call us on 0800 028 3200.

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my wealth is a specialist provider of regulated financial advice.

We work with many of the UK’s leading companies and pension schemes to help their employees and members understand their personal financial situation, whether they’re saving for their future or looking how best to maximise income at the point of retirement.

In particular, we help those approaching retirement to ensure their savings and investments are appropriately managed.

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Weekly Market Summary

Week ending 15th May 2020.

Week ending 15th May 2020.

It has been a volatile week for global equity markets. Although the overall tone was very much glass half empty, most equity markets headed into this weekend in a much more upbeat mood, as markets started to focus on the reopening of more countries and improving US consumer sentiment.

18th May 2020


How to reduce your outgoings when living on a reduced income.

How to reduce your outgoings when living on a reduced income.

The incomes of many households across the UK have been seriously impacted by the coronavirus. More than 9 million people are expected to be furloughed*, the self-employed who are eligible for help will not receive it until June, and some people are not eligible for any of this help including the recently self-employed.

20th April 2020

Market Updates

Market Update – 22nd May 2020.

Market Update – 22nd May 2020.

Yesterday’s (21 May 2020) US initial jobless claims data came in at 2.44m for the week ending Saturday 16 May 2020.

22nd May 2020