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my wealth is a specialist provider of regulated financial advice.

We work with many of the UK’s leading companies and pension schemes to help their employees and members understand their personal financial situation, whether they’re saving for their future or looking how best to maximise income at the point of retirement.

In particular, we help those approaching retirement to ensure their savings and investments are appropriately managed.

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Market Updates

Market Update - 14th April 2021.

Market Update - 14th April 2021.

As we highlighted in the Weekly Market Summary, the markets’ attention at the start of this week was firmly on yesterday’s (Tuesday 13 April 2021) US CPI inflation reading following last week’s large jump in US PPI inflation.

14th April 2021


Saving an extra 1% of salary into pension can increase your pension pot by 25%.

Saving an extra 1% of salary into pension can increase your pension pot by 25%.

Many people are already paying 5% of their salary into their workplace pension through auto-enrolment, with their employer contributing an additional 3%. However, they may not be aware that many employers are willing to match additional contributions up to certain limits, so they don’t take advantage of it.

12th April 2021

Number of people on payroll fallen by nearly 700,000 in last year.

Number of people on payroll fallen by nearly 700,000 in last year.

Latest reports from The Office for National Statistics have indicated that in February 2021, the number of payroll employees had fallen by 693,000 over a 12 month period.

24th March 2021