Sahir house

hands holding a red ribbon

WEALTH at work – a leading financial wellbeing and retirement specialist based in Liverpool has agreed to provide financial education to a local charity organisation – Sahir House.

Sahir House is a national charitable organisation which has been offering HIV support, prevention, information and training across Merseyside since 1985.

Caitlin Marks, Trustee, at Sahir House, comments; “We are delighted WEALTH at work has agreed to deliver financial education to our staff to support their local community. Providing financial wellbeing to support our staff and volunteers is very important, particularly given the pressure the pandemic has put on us all and the move in the community towards an aging well agenda.”

The pandemic has created and enhanced a lot of personal issues, including financial strain. Recent research[1] found that more than half of UK adults (51%) say that the pandemic has made them more conscious of the need to save more, with over a quarter (26%) saying it has made them recognise that they do not have enough savings. With just over a fifth (22%) saying it has made them realise they need to improve their understanding of how best to save money and 14% say it made them think they need to save more into their pension.

Jonathan Watts-Lay, Director, WEALTH at work, a leading financial wellbeing and retirement specialist, comments; “Given the great work this charity does in our local area, we are happy to help its employees to better understand their finances. After all, the research shows that people do want to learn how to save more money. Therefore, supporting financial wellbeing initiatives by providing financial education and guidance will aid understanding of many financial matters such as, how to best manage debt, the importance of having an emergency fund set aside for unplanned life events, as well as having sufficient savings for retirement. This gives people better financial outcomes.”