Our Company

WEALTH at work is a specialist provider of financial education and guidance in the workplace supported by regulated advice for individuals, with an excellent reputation of delivering real results for its clients, ranging from large FTSE companies to SMEs.

WEALTH at work provides a service which helps employees to understand how to maximise the value of their benefits by delivering financial education tailored to the needs of individual companies and of different employee groups within those companies.

This can then be supported by online guidance and an advice service which allows, for example, the linking of company share schemes to pensions and ISAs, retirement income planning for retirees and specialist support and guidance for senior executives.

WEALTH at work could assist your company by helping you to communicate financial legislative changes and other important issues to your employees. For example, by providing comprehensive guidance relating to retirement income options or educating employees about the risk of holding too great a proportion of their wealth in the shares of one company.

To learn more, please see our approach, and see what our clients say about us.

Jonathan Watts-Lay, Director, WEALTH at work comments,

“We have built a reputation of excellence by providing tailored financial education supported by specialist advice and online tools and services.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our work and commitment to service which has resulted in many of the UK’s largest companies retaining our services.  We have educated tens of thousands of employees over the last few years, covering a range of subjects from long term income planning to share scheme diversification and redundancy to retirement planning.”

WEALTH at work is a trading name of Wealth at Work Limited which is also part of the Wealth at Work group of companies which provides independent financial advice and discretionary investment management services.

The group specialises in providing financial education, guidance and regulated advice in order to implement and manage investment planning solutions for individuals approaching or in retirement.

These services help individuals ensure that their investments are appropriately managed by;

  • Creating investment strategies that meet personal objectives which are flexible enough to adapt to changing needs
  • Investing in the whole-of-the-market
  • Actively managing investments so they continue to remain appropriate through changing market conditions