Our Services

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In an ever changing financial climate, we can help you with your financial decisions for your future.

You may already have workplace savings such as pensions, share schemes and other benefits from your employer, but our experience shows that many individuals are unaware of how best to take advantage of them and how to maximise the opportunities that they provide. This is where we can help.

my wealth is a specialist provider of regulated financial advice.

Our Advisers can help you with:

The advice we offer is without charge or obligation to you. If you then decide to follow our recommendations and become a client, our clear and simple pricing will ensure at all times you know exactly what you’re paying.

What does it cost?

Initial Charge

To set up and create your investment strategy in line with our investment recommendations – money being invested:

  • For the first £100,000 = 2% plus VAT
  • On the next £200,000 = 1% plus VAT
  • On the next £200,000 = 0.5% plus VAT
  • Any balance in excess of £500,000 is negotiable

Annual Charge

The amount charged will depend on the ongoing value of the money being managed within our service (0.5% to 1.5% plus VAT).