In an ever changing financial climate, individuals are now faced with making more complex financial decisions which could have a great impact on their finances. Whether you are saving for the future or thinking about retirement, it is important to consider all of your savings and investments including ISAs, shares and pensions to maximise tax efficiency.

We provide regulated financial advice and discretionary wealth management services to help you understand your personal financial situation and make recommendations to create a tailored investment strategy that works for you. This is especially important if you are thinking of retiring within the next year, as we can help you make informed decisions on how to take income in retirement.

Depending on your personal financial situation, we can help you by:

  • Managing your money and investing for your future
  • Managing your retirement income if you are about to retire

The regulated financial advice we offer is without charge or obligation to you. If you decide to follow our recommendations and sign up to our services, our clear and simple pricing will ensure you know exactly what you’re paying at all times.

Initial Charge

To set up and create your investment strategy in line with our investment recommendations, we will charge a percentage of the money being invested:

• For the first £100,000 = 2% plus VAT
• On the next £200,000 (£100,001 - £300,000) = 1% plus VAT
• £300,001 and over = 0.5% plus VAT

We will provide you with exact details of the fee in the suitability report (prior to investment) based on your intended investment. When this is not practical, for example, transfer business when exact investment is not known, we will provide an estimate specific to the transfer value advised at the time of writing.

Annual Management Fee

• Discretionary Managed Portfolio Service – 1.5% plus VAT
• Treasured Stock Service – 0.45% plus VAT

The annual management fee is calculated on a monthly basis at a rate of one twelfth of the annual management fee based on the market value of the whole Portfolio and is taken by us from the Portfolio monthly in arrears. You can request an estimate of how much, in total we might charge based on your investment. The amount charged will depend on the ongoing value of the money being managed within our service (up to 1.5% plus VAT).

Five steps to build financial resilience.

Five steps to build financial resilience.

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Market Update - 15th September 2021.

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