Investing in the Whole-of-the-Market

We create bespoke portfolios which are selected from the whole-of-the-market without any restriction and are actively managed to ensure they remain appropriate through changing market conditions.

We use asset allocation to create our portfolios, which is the spread of assets across different types of investments in order to reduce risk, whilst maximising returns in different market conditions.

Our asset allocation is two-fold as we allocate weightings for each core asset class (cash, bonds & equities) but there are also sub asset classes within these that we allocate weightings to.

In the case of bonds within the income element, this means investing in a blend of government bonds and/or investment-grade corporate bonds.

In the case of equities within the growth element, this means investing in an array of different geographic regions:

  • UK
  • USA
  • Japan
  • Emerging Markets
  • Asia Pacific (excluding Japan)
  • Europe (excluding UK)

The highlighted areas are illustrative of countries that we might invest in within each asset class, however this isn’t exhaustive – we have the right to invest in countries listed in any market. Furthermore, many countries fall within multiple asset classes. ‘Other’ highlights just some of the countries we might reasonably invest in.

If you would like to know our thoughts on the markets within each geographical region, you can review our quarterly Market Outlook.