Meet the Investment Management Team

Please see below to learn more about our Investment Management team, who provide our Market Updates and Market Outlooks. You can also download their biographies below:

Ian Copelin, Investment Director

As a teenager I started investing in stocks and shares in the 1980s thanks to the hugely popular and profitable raft of privatisations. I remember selling many of them within the first few days of trading for a sizable profit. Naively I thought investing was simple!

In fact, I knew nothing about investing. The stock market crash on 19th October 1987 taught me that investing wasn’t a one-way bet. I had no investment discipline, my portfolio wasn’t diversified and I had no idea what asset allocation meant…

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However, stocks and shares was in my blood, so armed with my Business Studies degree I joined JPMorgan Chase (a global financial services firm and leader in asset management), who supported me through my CFA examinations, which have become the most respected and recognised investment management qualification in the world.

Today, diversification, discipline and risk management form the cornerstone of my investment philosophy, having built-up strong investment analysis and real-world portfolio management skills, over the past 20 years managing UK, European, North American, fixed income and multi-manager portfolios.

As Investment Director, I head up a team of 7 investment professionals, responsible for both the investment strategy and asset allocation of our clients’ life savings on a discretionary basis (which means we can react and adapt to changing market conditions by making instant portfolio changes to our clients’ portfolios).

Although each team member brings a different skill set and speciality, we operate on a collegial basis, working closely together and sharing research and investment ideas. This ensures our investment decisions and convictions are both consistent and informed by a wealth of experience. However, risk management is just as important to me as investment performance and returns, and the team work within a strict risk controlled and disciplined process.

Although my passion for my job and the global financial markets is all consuming (as Gordon Gekko said in Wall Street ‘money never sleeps’), my full time job starts when I am at home in Cheshire. I have been married to Tanya, an Accountant for a US provider of payment solutions, for the past 20 years and we have two fantastic children, James and Henry.

Peter Quayle, Fund Manager (UK)

With so many new developments, diversification is paramount, as it is important to not over expose our clients’ life-savings to one idea or theme. Whilst the companies I invest client life-savings in all have very different characteristics and sell different products, the one thing they have in common is quality.

Away from the office, I enjoy most things technology related and have a young family to whom, I give as much of my time as possible.

I have managed money for over 10 years and the main lesson I have learnt is that financial markets don’t always behave as you expect in the short-term. Economies run hot and cold, sector trends change and technology advances. I invest in companies at varying stages of development, and so active management is key. I look forward to company announcements and enjoy meeting company management, as there is always something new to discuss.

Jonathan Wiseman, Fund Manager (overseas)

I have been in the wealth management industry for nearly 15 years, as being a Fund Manager is something I have wanted to do since I was a ‘lad’. My personal life very much reflects the way I manage money, as having a keen interest in cars, everything from classic UK sports cars to American muscle cars has taught me that things of quality and beauty, whether that is a car or an investment, can appear anywhere globally and at any time. When I’m researching investments and constructing portfolios, ‘open mindedness’ and diversification is key.

Choosing a blend of slower pace and faster pace investments to ensure portfolios are able to limit the impact of any market fall, and gain any benefits when the market rises, is at the core of my research process. Managing in this way has always enabled me to act quickly to changes in the economic backdrop.

Ciaren McShane, Senior Fixed Income Analyst

I manage our Fixed Interest investments. For clients who have a need for income, I buy a range of corporate bonds with the intention of holding them to maturity, as this should provide our clients’ with certainty (as redemption dates and proceeds are known and the annual coupons fixed). I believe that diversification is paramount as this ensures our clients are not overly reliant on any one single issuer for income to be generated. I also select the Fixed Interest funds within our growth portfolios. Here, I look for funds with robust processes and a variety of strategies concurrent with our clients’ investment objective.

I studied Maths at university and also have a Master’s degree in Finance. Outside of work, I try to stay as active as possible: I play football, and go to the gym whenever I have time (not much lately!). I also, you might think unfortunately, have an Everton season ticket.

Amy Sharpe, Ethical Investments & Collectives Analyst

I have spent 8 years working within the Financial Services industry since receiving my degree in Business Studies from LJMU and started my career with Wealth at Work Limited as a Trainee Investment Analyst on the ‘Rest of World team’ in August 2021. Day to day, I work closely with Jonathan Wiseman in researching the global markets and uncovering exciting new opportunities to bring to our clients.

Prior to this, I spent time at Investec Wealth & Investment which was followed by a move to a Multi-Family Office, LCM Family Limited.

I am currently studying for the Investment Management Certificate, shortly to be followed by the Certificate in ESG Investing. My passion for nature and the great outdoors naturally led to a keen interest in the sustainability of our planet and how we can better improve the impact we have on this world.

Outside of work, I enjoy weight training and the discipline it requires. I’m also constantly on the lookout for new routes to hike with my Weimaraner, Ruby.

Michael McGovern, Trainee UK Equity Analyst

As far back as I can remember (notwithstanding I was born this century!), I have always wanted to work in the financial services industry. Having graduated with a degree in Business & Economics in 2021, I joined the Investment Management team and am excited by the opportunity and challenges that lie ahead.

My role as trainee UK equity analyst entails working closely with Peter Quayle whereby I meet companies and fund managers and conduct quantitative and qualitative analysis, in order to aid investment decisions.

Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my five dogs(!) along with watching and playing football, however, being a Manchester United fan in Liverpool does have its drawbacks!

Kate Mimnagh, Portfolio Economist

After graduating from the University of Leeds with a BSc in Economics, I worked as a Finance Officer for the NHS before working as a Data Migration Analyst with Tilney in Liverpool.

My role involves working closely with the Portfolio Specialist connecting the Investment Management Department with Advisers and client-facing teams. I provide regular updates of the Investment Management team’s views and portfolio positions, as well as answering investment-related client queries.

In my spare time, I enjoy going hiking in Snowdonia with friends and my border collie, Dylan. I’m also a big foodie! I love cooking, going out for food and trying new recipes.

Thomas Pothecary, Rest of the World Investment Analyst

I have always had a keen interest in investment since being a child, whether buying collectibles or really trying to understand what money is. I like to know how things work and what ‘reality’ is which is why I studied Geophysics at Imperial College London. I believe science provides a great base to understanding the universe, and financial markets are part of it.

Since graduating in 2012 I have worked in several analyst, investment and data analysis-related roles, most recently at Rathbones Group Plc where I worked with fund managers and other subject-matter experts answering due diligence questions on the funds and propositions. I gained in depth knowledge on what clients look for when investing in a fund which helps me in my role as ‘Rest of the World’ Investment Analyst. I work closely with Jonathan Wiseman uncovering investment opportunities in funds all over the world for our clients.

I have a keen interest in learning and furthering my knowledge having recently become a CFA charterholder. I also hold the Investment Manager Diploma (ESG) as I believe sustainability is key to long term success, both in terms of investing and human evolution.

Outside of work I enjoy keeping fit by doing gym classes, I also keep tropical fish and play the piano, especially music by Beethoven.

Tafadzwa Nyabanga, Equity and Fixed Income Dealer and Analyst

I like to think of myself as a perpetual student of price in the markets. Price is where we are rewarded as analysts; being the intersection of what we know about a company and how the market perceives it. There is no room for complacency in this journey of price discovery as the market will instantly execute judgement on your call as an analyst. So, I find myself constantly refining my analysis skills, getting the latest data and incorporating it in models about a company in a bid to get the true intrinsic value of that company.

As an Equity and Fixed Income Dealer and Analyst my role falls under Peter Quayle’s portfolio. I assist the UK Fund Manager with research, stock selection, portfolio construction and performance attribution. I also assist the Senior Income Analyst to evaluate new and existing investment opportunities in the fixed income space.

Away from the markets I cherish spending time with my family. I love music and dancing. I keep myself up to date with the latest Zimbabwean Dancehall and Hip Hop music.

Nicola Tune, Portfolio Specialist

I have worked in financial services for my entire career so far, most recently at Ardent Credit Services where I worked as a Training Officer. I joined Wealth at Work’s Investment Management team in March 2023 as a Portfolio Specialist. Day-to-day, I work closely with our Portfolio Economist, Kate Mimnagh, communicating updates on our portfolios to clients and the rest of the business. Outside of work, I enjoy reading and spending time with my partner and son.

Eddie Mitchell, Investment Management Assistant

Since embarking on my economics and finance degree at Newcastle University, the mechanics of financial markets and how they operate and evolve over time have never failed to intrigue me. This fascination naturally led me to the field of Investment Management, where I find myself in a perfect position to delve deeper into the dynamics of the markets.

As an Investment Management Assistant, my role revolves around preparing and disseminating statistics about our portfolios to a wide range of stakeholders within the company. Beyond routine tasks, I actively participate in various projects across the team, leveraging my analytical and technical skills to contribute to the diverse initiatives that we encounter as an Investment Management team.

Outside of work I enjoy going bouldering (climbing) and going on hikes. I also love playing golf and attending different music events spanning various genres.