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David Cassidy, Chief Executive Officer

“The seemingly endless turmoil in world stock markets; continuing low interest rate environment, despite recent rises and persistently changing taxation have helped to underline the fact that the financial world has changed forever as far as investing is concerned.

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But, despite the recent gloomy months, the current financial climate is showing signs of improvement and it has never been more important to get the right advice when considering your retirement planning. It is important to remember that whilst there may be fear and sometimes uncertainty in the financial markets, my wealth has been designed for such times and will provide you with a service which delivers dynamic asset allocation in rapidly changing markets, whilst constantly seeking to manage risk. For more information, please contact us.”

Jonathan Watts-Lay, Director

my wealth is here to help you whether you are looking for some simple guidance or wanting full investment advice.

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A conversation with our guidance team can help answer some of those questions you may have whether you are thinking of retirement, your general level of savings or something more specific such as shares you may have in the Company you work for. Our highly trained staff will be able to answer your question or point you in the right direction for additional help. We are here to help so please get in touch.”

Paul Morton, Investment Planning Director

“In an ever changing financial climate, and with so many different financial options available, it is now more important than ever to get the right advice. Understanding your options when considering your retirement planning is crucial, as making the right investment choices can have a huge impact on the value of your pension when you retire.

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You may already have workplace savings (for example, pensions, share schemes and other benefits from your employer), but our experience shows that many individuals are unaware of how to take advantage of them, and how to maximise the opportunities that they can provide.  Let us help with your retirement planning and build an investment strategy to help you plan for a better financial future.”

Ian Copelin, Investment Management Director

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