Managing Your Money

If you have money to invest from maturing share schemes, existing savings such as ISAs and/ or pensions, my wealth can help to manage your money by creating a personal investment strategy that is designed to meet your financial objectives.

my wealth can then manage that strategy on your behalf to ensure it continues to remain appropriate through changing market conditions.

In order to create your investment strategy, my wealth offers an investment review service which is free of charge and without obligation.

You will be assigned a dedicated Adviser who will create your strategy, incorporating the three key asset classes of cash, bonds and equities.

The investment strategy which is right for you will take into account various factors, such as:

  • Your specific financial goals
  • Your personal attitude towards risk
  • How long you wish to invest for
  • Whether you need regular income
  • How much capital growth you want
  • Your personal tax situation including available allowances such as ISA or Pension

We recognise that everyone is different so your investment strategy will be flexible enough to adapt to your changing needs. Your portfolio can then be managed on a day to day basis by our expert Investment Managers.

Creating an investment strategy that can fit around your ever-changing needs may seem like a tall order. But by following a few simple rules, it is possible to build a flexible investment strategy that can work for you throughout your life.

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Three key asset classes

Three Elements

The three elements of the my wealth system are designed to work with one another to provide an investment strategy to suit your needs which may be reviewed and adapted accordingly.

Pie Chart

Your risk profile

In addition, to accommodate your personal attitude to risk, we manage three versions of the growth element:

  • Cautious
  • Balanced
  • Adventurous

One of our Advisers will take you through a detailed questionnaire so you may determine your tolerance to investment risk, in order for us to construct and manage your portfolio to meet your objectives.

The building blocks of your investment strategy

The building blocks of any investment strategy mainly boil down to three key ingredients of cash, bonds and equities (i.e. shares), otherwise known as the key financial asset classes and are the building blocks of any sensible investment strategy.

The table below summarises the different characteristics of each:

Three Key Asset Classes

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It should be noted that the value of investments can fall as well as rise. Past performance is not necessarily a guide to future performance.