A Perfect Fit.


Gerry, age 62, from Halifax, first attended a WEALTH a work retirement planning seminar at his place of work, IPSL, in 2015.

He comments, “I decided it was time to focus on my retirement plans so the seminar came at the right time for me. The content was very clear and included all the things I need to consider now that I’m approaching retirement. Although the information was challenging, it was communicated in such a way which was understandable to me and that I could relate to.”

Gerry continues, “Following the seminar I met with a my wealth Adviser to discuss my retirement plans in more detail. I found my Adviser to be very professional, friendly and helpful. He asked me questions about my objectives and provided information about how I could meet these.”

After the seminar Gerry received a written report which detailed the outcomes from the meeting. He comments, “The report provided all the detail I needed, it was a perfect fit for what I was looking for.”

Following this Gerry decided to appoint my wealth to manage his savings. He comments, “I like that my savings are now actively managed on a day to day basis. I’m still working but the service gives me confidence that I have a plan in place that I’m working towards, to see me through to retirement. Even if my circumstances change over time, it’s great to have the reassurance that I have someone to speak to about it.”