A big positive for us

A big positive

Jim attended a pre-retirement seminar at his place of work. Following this, Jim and his wife Margaret decided that they needed financial advice on their different savings and investments and therefore met with a my wealth Adviser.

During the meeting, Jim and Margaret discussed their specific goals and objectives so that their Adviser could create an investment strategy to meet their needs.

Jim and Margaret were provided with a report which covered everything discussed including recommendations for them to consider. As they were happy with this, they decided to entrust my wealth to manage their savings.

Jim comments; “One feature that we particularly like about the service is that our investments are managed on a daily basis. It’s a big positive for us and is why we have already recommended the service.”

He continues; “It makes us feel comfortable that the service is operated by trained individuals who are qualified to manage our investments.”

Now that Jim is retired and his investments are being look after he adds; “I can now focus on my hobbies such as learning to play the guitar. I have also been able to spend more time with my family and have been going on more holidays.”