PMI partners with WEALTH at work.

Freedom and choice in pensions revolutionised the world of retirement income and gave individuals greater control over their retirement plans – but with this comes increased risk and responsibility for all.

Gareth Tancred, Chief Executive, The Pensions Management Institute (PMI) comments; “Whilst freedom and choice has brought many exciting opportunities and the ability for people to take greater control of their retirement and their future, it’s also brought a lot more risks and challenges, particularly for Trustees when they’re considering members reaching this vital point of their lives and wanting to access their retirement savings.”

Tancred adds, “We are delighted to welcome WEALTH at work as one of our insight partners as they have already helped hundreds of thousands of retirees through their provision of financial education, guidance and regulated financial advice. This highlights the fact that they have the knowledge and expertise to provide Trustees with the support needed to help pension scheme members’ make informed choices.”

He continues, “WEALTH at work’s services help members to understand some of the complexities around pensions as well as the decisions that have to be made at-retirement and also forewarns individuals about many of the risks that are out there, such as paying more tax than necessary or falling for a scam.”

As PMI’s insight partner, WEALTH at work provide expert commentary to help PMI members to understand the issues and trends faced by pension scheme members when trying to make financial decisions pre-retirement.

Jonathan Watts-Lay Director, WEALTH at work comments; “We are delighted to be an insight partner of PMI. I believe this partnership will continue to strengthen the cause to help pension scheme members make the right choices in the lead up to and at the point of retirement. After all, without the right financial education, guidance and regulated financial advice, individuals could be left incredibly vulnerable to making poor decisions. I very much look forward to continuing our partnership with PMI, which can only further provide positive opportunities for PMI members.”