We are here to help you understand how to save for a better financial future by providing you with guidance and advice, whether you are saving for a big purchase, your retirement or indeed you require help to generate income at the point of retirement.

my wealth is a trading name of Wealth at Work Limited which is also part of the Wealth at Work group of companies which provides independent financial advice and discretionary investment management services.

These services help individuals ensure that their investments are appropriately managed by;

  • Creating investment strategies that meet personal objectives which are flexible enough to adapt to changing needs
  • Investing in the whole-of-the-market
  • Actively managing investments so they continue to remain appropriate through changing market conditions


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Top tips to cut costs and boost savings.

Top tips to cut costs and boost savings.

WEALTH at work, a leading provider of financial education, guidance and advice in the workplace, shares some of its top tips for individuals wanting to cut their costs and boost their savings

9th October 2017

Race to cash in pension pots could spell retirement disaster.

Race to cash in pension pots could spell retirement disaster.

Bumper pension scheme transfer values are luring thousands of individuals to cash-in their final salary pension pots - also known as defined benefit (DB) schemes - which could spell disaster for their retirement plans.

2nd October 2017

Market Updates

Memories of ‘87.

Memories of ‘87.

Today marks the 30th anniversary of the 1987 stock market crash.

19th October 2017

None of the Above.

None of the Above.

Surprisingly, today’s election result (albeit with a few seats still to be declared) hasn’t caused any negative market reaction.

9th June 2017