Our Services

WEALTH at work is a leading provider of financial education in the workplace with an excellent reputation of delivering real results for clients, ranging from large FTSE companies to SMEs. This service is supported by guidance and regulated advice when required.

We have a range of services that can help employees better understand their finances such as company pensions and share schemes as well as broader financial aspects such as tax. The service is also designed to provide specific support at critical times such as planning for retirement and helping people to make appropriate choices  when deciding how to generate income for retirement. Our services include;

Financial Education

All financial education programmes we deliver are tailored to the needs of each organisation, whether it is a programme to encourage increased pension savings or a series of share scheme seminars to highlight key benefits and risks.

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Having a one to one conversation is a key part of our service offering which aims to help employees clarify elements of their financial situation. These non-regulated sessions can be via clinic sessions in the workplace, which typically last 30 minutes, or by telephone support. For many this guidance will answer their questions; however, others may need full regulated advice to make important financial decisions, particularly if they have more complex investment and tax considerations or are looking to retire.

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Independent Financial Advice and Discretionary Investment Management Services

Through my wealth, we provide independent financial advice and discretionary investment management services.

An initial meeting assesses the employee’s financial needs, goals and risk appetite.

A comprehensive report is then produced which sets out a tailored solution for the employee to consider.

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Retirement Income Options Service

The Budget 2014 introduced a number of radical changes allowing those aged 55 and over greater freedom on how to take income from their pension(s). From April 2015 changes in legislation allow people to access their defined contribution pension savings as they wish from the point of retirement or earlier if they are aged 55 and over. So an individual will be able to withdraw their pension savings at a time of their choosing subject to their marginal rate of income tax.

That is where the WEALTH at work retirement income options service can help employers and employees alike.

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Please see our 3 step approach to understanding pension flexibility following the pension changes.

Our services help employees to understand how to maximise the value of their benefits by providing financial education tailored to the needs of individual companies and of different employee cohorts within those companies. This can then be supported by online guidance and an advice service which allows, for example, the linking of company share schemes to pensions and ISAs, retirement income planning for retirees and specialist support and guidance for senior executives.

It is important to select the right partner when considering something as important as providing tailored financial education to your employees. This requires a number of different skill sets and we have a highly skilled team which allows our service to be tailored to your requirements and budget. We take time to understand what is most appropriate for your employees and design a programme accordingly.

We provide:

  • Communication experts to help ensure clear and concise engagement
  • Experienced project managers to help ensure every aspect of your service is delivered effectively and to plan
  • Highly experienced seminar designers and presenters to ensure employees are engaged
  • Regulated Advisers to support employees where required
  • Online specialists to deliver supporting websites and tools

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