Our Approach

As well as working with major FTSE companies covering sectors ranging from pharmaceuticals and banking to telecoms and retail, we also deliver results for many smaller companies.

We recognise that all companies are different and offer different benefits.  In addition, companies want to set their own unique objectives for their financial education programme.

For example, to encourage employee engagement through the benefits programme or to help mitigate risk factors such as staff becoming over exposed to company stock through all employee share schemes.

To aid this, we have a proven systematic approach which ensures a solution is delivered which enhances value for both employer and employee.

We base our approach on the following three key principles – which is the ethos of everything we do:

We provide a:

WEALTH of knowledge
Our team of professionals with their specialist skills and knowledge are on hand to help and guide you and your employees.
WEALTH of experience
With many years of experience in designing and implementing ways to enhance the value of workplace financial benefits, we can provide cost efficient programmes which add real value.
WEALTH of opportunity
Our tailored approach to working with both large and small companies means we are well placed to provide your company with proven ideas, as well as innovation, to improve your benefit offering.

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